Sunday, May 17, 2015

Days 28 thru 35 - cajon pass to agua dulce

Hello all, having trouble blogging right now. We are in agua dulce, home of the old hiker heaven, mile 454.4 at the cafe. Some day I will flesh out these days, but I'll give you the cliff notes for now:

Day 28 - mile 341.8 to 352.7 plus .9 miles= 11.8 miles...afternoon start leaving best western cajon pass. Meet a guy, first day on trail, very little backpacking experience, only carrying 1.5 liters water for 27 mile dry stretch, all uphill. Saved his life telling him about the seven liters I had, and he would likely die if he continues. Water cache where we make him get 5 more liters water. Fell way behind us after that. Haven't seen him since. Scary

Day 29 - 352.7 to 369.4 16.7 miles Wrightwood - up at 0355, walking by 0430. Almost get 10 by 10 (10 miles by 10am) instead get 9.8 miles by 10am. Robin Hood out of water, say well give him some of ours once we are 4 miles from the end. Doesn't come to that. Finish our 27+ waterless stretch with 1 liter left and at 2pm. Easy hitch down to Wrightwood, but expensive room. Nice night anyways.

Day 30 - Wrightwood, mt baden Powell mile 369.4 to 379.5 10.1 miles (pathetic)
Late hotel start. Climb (hike) Mt Baden Powell, founder of boy scouts. Dry camp. Cold

Day 31 - 1 month on trail!!! Mile 379.5 to 390.2  20.0 miles - includes alternate around endangered species detour, with 2.7 miles road walking. Lots of ups and downs, met a guy trying to get 36 miles in to beet the incoming storm. Smart guy turns out. We can't do those miles yet ( or ever :) cold, threatening clouds, hike on almost to 400, but stop at pullout in the trail, near hwy 2, but off highway.

Day 32  - mile 398.7 to 418.7 20 miles! Campsite near mike 400 to Millcreek fire station - rain and snow the whole time plus poodledog bush. Awful. Push on as already wet, so wanted to keep going and camp neat water source and away from snow. Snow gets deep. Running. Make it to fire station...trail angel Mary picking up some frat boys, so also gives us ride to hotel. Grateful to be warm and dry out our stuff.

Day 33 - mile 418.7 to 430.4 11.7 miles.. trail angel Mary picks us up. Grant pumps her gas. Takes us back to Millcreek fire station. Have two 24 oz pbrs for bbking. Good man, great music. Find my phone right where I left it. Hike in through the newly opened poodledog bush trail. Half cleared and beautiful, half a bit dodgy and tedious navigation around it. Cool weather so ok in full long sleeves and pants. Don't want to get burned!!! No rain. Yay :) camp messenger flats. Pathetic 11.7 mile day. Oh well. Oh yeah, put a scull back together and put on trail to scare people :)

Day 34 - Acton KOA day...mile 430.4 to 444.3 - warm but not hot great walking to koa. Laundry, shower, hot tub, funny guts Tom Sawyer and the dude ( prob too big a title for the kid, but oh well) grant gets to borrow the koa ladies bike and buys beer. Order pizza. Drink all night with Breaks. Very fun

Day 35  - Acton koa to agua dulce and on. I'm in agua dulce. The day is not done :)

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  1. was your phone in the hammock where you'd left it the day before?


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