Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 39 - back on trail at upper shake campground - hangover hiking - 500 MILES!!!

Alternate Road Walk Mile 6 to 12.9 (PCT mile 493.4) - 6.9 miles
PCT mile 493.4 to 503.0 - 9.6 miles
Total miles = 16.5 all with a big fat hangover!

Got up in our ghost brothel. I looked at the maps, and decided to go back to our original plan of getting off the road walk at the earliest point, Shake Canyon, or something like that. Everybody else is road walking all the way to hikertown because it saves a ton of miles. A lot even hitched all the way to hikertown from the Anderson's, and those who didn't are roadwalking something like 20 miles. Some need to get to Tehachapi before memorial day weekend closes the post office, etc...we are sending our stuff to a hotel, so no problems for us. We are, however, meeting Grant's dad up at Walker Pass on the 30th, so being behind schedule and "adding" miles means we will have to hoof it the next week.
We say goodbye to our road walking friends at our turnoff for the trail, 4.4 more miles down the road, sitting around drinking warm beers from the night before, when a huge rattle snake came slithering past us. Yuck! I jump up out of the way, while our friends scrambled to get a picture. It gaves us one little rattle and kept on going. Now I can't say I was the first person to hike the PCT without seeing a rattlesnake, but I'm glad I finally saw my first one.  Now the next one won't be as scary.
Walking up to join the trail was not bad. It is very sad more people are not doing it. Actually, it kills me. It did mean solitude though. We climbed up into the low clouds, and had a very cool, misty, beautiful hike. It really is nice walking up there, so don't road walk crazy people!!! Made it to mile 500!!!!  And I can honestly say it's been about 500 miles as we have not skipped anything, having now walked a continuous path through all the fire closures.  Pats on our backs, yay!!!
We made it 16.5 miles with our hangovers, pitched a tent, and about 20 minutes after we climbed into our sleeping bag, it started raining. Whew, barely made it!

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