Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 35 and 36 -agua dulce to camp with Mama Goose

Yes, well, where I last left off we were sitting in a cafe in agua dulce with plans to resupply and move on. Well, that didn't happen because the warriors rolled in, and of course we owed them a round, which turned into three pitchers of beer, beer to go, and them cramming us into their VFW host's truck to take us to their RVs and to the VFW bar..well, you know how these things go. So it was a 10.2 mile Nero, though I'm going to call it a half day. Anything over 6 miles but under 14 will officially be a half day :)

Day 36 - mile 454.5 to 465.9 agua dulce to camp with Mama Goose
Got up, had donuts and coffee that Tina, manager of the VFW bar and an air force desert storm vet herself, brought us/ made for us, then she drove us all back to town. Finished some beers from the night before, then we decided we needed a six pack of IPA before hiking, and then I decided we needed some 24 oz beers for the hike up. Other hikers joined us  for the fun, though others moved on from the debauchery. We decided to make the long climb to the top of the next hill before having out beers. Bags were solo heavy from the seven day resupply, plus water and beer. We had plans to all go to the Anderson's, so mama goose and us threw in the towel early and camped up by 4:45, our hangovers having nothing to do with it. 14 miles to go in the morning, then our last hoorah before the long walk across the Mojave and up to tehachapi continues. So awesome to meet up with our friends again after big bear. I've decided to go by Starboard after all, the name given by our friend Wild Man, as beesting/sting isn't working out well, but grant is going to go by "good time grant". Everybody likes that name :)


  1. Ahhh, Starboard suits you! All the girls at booty camp miss you, and marvel at your feat(s). Keep on truckin', and hiking your own hike---Love, Laurel

    1. Thanks Laurel!!! Finally seeing these comments. It really helps knowing I have people thinking of us :) I'm at a mentally challenging point now as I feel like I should be more than halfway, but I'm not!!! Will keep on truckin.

  2. Red Dragon is talking about us hiking some of the trail w/ Starboard & good time grant when you guys get to our neighborhood... good idea or not?


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