Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 26 - Deep creek hot springs to silverwood lake mike 307.7 to 328.7 21 miles!!.

After having walked in threatening clouds and light sporatic sprinkles the day before, the rain came overnight. Alarm clock off at 0415 as usual (ha ha) rain coming down, toss and turn, finally decide to make coffee from inside the sleeping bag. Great idea, but very dangerous, considering the previous day. Still, genius! Breakfast and coffee I'm bed. Rain stops, and we pack up and hit the trail.

Another cold day wearing fleece. I'm loving it as last year was so different! Hike the part we hitchhiked around last year and it is nice, except one small segment along a highway near the dam. Luckily it was short, but when I thought it would be a long road walk, I started thinking of a song, something like "weeelllll, I quit my job and I sold my house so I could walk down this damned old highway to hell" it shortly veered off the highway up towards the lake where it was a nice walk. Tried some awful powerbar gel that made us gag but had caffeine. Bleh!  Made it to the (closed) cleghorn picnic area, found an open flush toilet an water spigot, layed out our tent, pulled up a picnic table and called it a day, our first 20 mile day!!! More than 20 miles!!!!  Yayayayayayyay!

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