Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 40 - Our first Marathon!!! Yes, US!

Mile 503.0 to 529.2  - 26.2 miles, oh yeah, you heard me, a marathon :)
Woke up on trail to a little more misty rain, but it seemed to settle down as we moaned and groaned. I  had had night terrors all night long, trying to scream but coming out as wimpers that Grant ignored, of course, cooly letting my be terrorized by my mind all night long...Anyhoo...
Packed up our sopping wet tent, and moved onwards.  Stopped for water at a "guzzler" which apparently is a big plastic tank partially underground with a low roof and downspout used for collecting water.  THere was water alright, and we got all the rest of our morning chores done.  Then hike hike hike, flat, wet but not raining, finally heading down out of the hills towards the Mojave Desert floor.  At about 1230 we stopped for lunch (third breakfast?  second lunch?)  and dried out our tent and rainfly, then up and hiking onwards to Hiker Town.
Hiker Town is some guys home where he built all these little bungalows to look like an old Western town.  Pretty cool.  Lots of subdued enthusiasm in the hiker lounge, aka garage.  Everybody staring at their phones, pretty weird.  Most people hike the Mojave, LA aquaduct section at night, but it was really cool that day, so we were just getting water and moving on.  Made it to the open aquaduct.  rushing cold water in the middle of the desert.  Of course, that didn't last long, as it soon went underground.  We turned Northerly and followed a branch of the aqueduct in a pipe, then turned easterly again, where it went completely underground and was just a dirt road with miles of concrete over the underground water.
At about 6pm we stopped to eat dinner before hiking on.  We checked our halfmile App on our phones and saw we had gone about 23 miles.  I said, "We are hiking a marathon today.  We can do 3.5 more miles!"  Grant agreed (well, he didn't fight it)...And we did!!!  But not a step more.  We gorilla camped on the side of the dirt road in some bushes and called it a night.

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