Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 27, silverwood lake to Cajon Pass Best Western - mile 328.7 to 341.8 plus .9 miles = 14 miles

Woke up earlyish, flush toilet!!! Woo hoo. Walking by about 6am with all morning chores complete. Champions!

Up and over, easy walking compared to last year with cold temps and blisters not too terrible. Met a trail runner woman who was super nice. We caught her again on her way back. says she runs up to 50 mile races. Crazy. She hiked with us a little while chatting, where I asked her about the gels. She gave me a different brand to try in mocha and vanilla flavors, agreeing powetbar sucks. Will definitely be better than the strawberry banana crap we choked down the day before. Very kind, an then off she went.

Made it to the subway gas station after a harrowing walk on the freeway overpass at about 1230, maybe earlier. 14 mikes by noon almost. Subway was temporarily closed due to a spill of some sort. Argh! Been dreaming of it since before big bear! Since the awful desert section after Ziggy and the bears, in fact. Oh well. We head over to the hotel, another death defying road crossing, bit first grabbed some beer. Room not ready as hotel had been sold out the night before while people waited out the storm, so we asked if we could drink beer in the lobby. No problem!!! This is hiker trash central and they let us do all kinds of things normal establishments frown upon :)

We handed out beers to any hiker who would have one until our room was ready, then we made the dash back to subway for food, because it was 2pm and I was a puddle of tears with hunger. I got a footlong veggie sandwich with triple cheese and atd it all within about 3 1/2 minutes. Then it was a shower, laundry, and hot tub time. After that, blogging, and grant passed out at about 6:45 pm.

We have a 30 mile waterless stretch ahead to Wrightwood. We are guaranteed not to get an early start, so I'm over it worrying.

Take it easy guys. Wrightwood here we come!


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