Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 25 - march to deep creek, mile 288.1 to 307.7 19.6 miles

Alarm clock goes off at 0415, manage to sit up at 0455, walking by 0515. That's what my notes say, but can't be true, probably walking at 0615. It was really, really cold. Come to think of it, maybe we were walking by 0515, so maybe I got up earlier that I think. Its really hard to say. Regardless,  all I know is I was cranky and anxious and  we hadn't had any coffee, breakfast or anything, just up and moving.

Little rays of sunlight finally started reaching over the hills, and we found a sunny spot for coffee.. Woops, that's a tent. Keep trucking a couple minutes and find a free spot in the morning sun for coffee.

So yeah, it was cold so I put my puffy on over my fleece, leaned over to turn the flame off on my stove, and poof! Caught the sleeve of my puffy on fire. Melted the cuff away in an instant exposing feathers in a huge patch. So my hated puffy had turned into a hated puffy I could not return. Luckily I had pink flamingo duct tape to patch her up, so I do still have a nice $300 pillow. Some mornings just fight back.

Blister pain comes and goes, nice walking in the cold to the deep creek bridge, where we washed our socks, ate a real lunch (mac and cheese) and hung out a few hours. A few hikers were across the creek but nobody came down to where we were sitting. Met somebody we are calling "Lawrence of Arabia" for quite obvious reasons once I got a look at him. slipped on a rock and scratched my arm up. Day continues to fight back :)

Back onto the bridge where a parent had kindly left a dirty diaper. No, baby shit in plastic garbage is not cute. Pack it out parents!!!

Hike hike hike, weather staying cool enough i leave my fleece on all day, and wear my hat and gloves at times. We passed 300 miles!!! Woo hoo! We come within what i guess is a mile, maybe half mile of the deep creek hot springs where I make us scramble down a steep dirt path in search of the awesome campsite I had last year with One Button. No luck. Just filthy toilet paper, burned out fire pits, trash etc...along the creek. The locals have totally destroyed this area. Did our best to find a spot that wasn't an obvious toilet, triple treated our water, dinner, then bed.

This day fought back, but the walking was fine, the memories fresh, and we almost got 20 miles in! Please don't read on if you don't like toilet rants.

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***I was going to do a large post all about when nature calls. I'll keep it short. Nevermind, it's quite long. Pack it in pack it out. Ladies, pack it out, drip dry, use a rock, or my favorite method a handkerchief that you rinse out periodically in a bag away from the water source, but do not leave toilet paper on the ground. Do not bury it either. It does not decompose in the desert at all(and not very fast in other environments) and then animals dig it up, or the wind blows uncovering it. Don't burn it either for bsesus sakes! you will start a forest fire. Toilet paper no. Gross.
Gentlemen, you too. Don't poop by the water source, And pack it out. You betcha I pack it out! Even those papers. Think that's gross? Other people's shitepapers on the ground is grosser, and we are not living the niceties of home out here. You must deal with your shite, literally. Pack toilet paper out damnit, and shite anywhere but near a water source. Hell no I'm not getting in those hot springs, this place has been destroyed.

On a lighter note,most people are not this upset, and have a lovely, happy naked old time in the hot springs, so enjoy :)

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