Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 37 - Casa de Luna

Day 37 - mike 465.9 to 478.2 plus .4 from store to Andersons 12.7 miles

Casa Del Luna/The Anderson's/Hippie Daycare

Woke up early as usual, camping with Mama Goose. We had breakfast with her and chatted awhile then grant and I were off at 0790. She still had to pack up her tent and gear, but she hikes way faster than me, so we knew we would see her before long.
Hiking was cool and nice, not too bad. We did finally see mama goose an hour before the road, but she charged on. Got to the Ranger Station and debated if we would stand around hitching the 1.6 miles to the store or start walking. I said if the first car doesn't stop, then we would hike. Well, of course the firts car stopped! We picked up Shuffle (as in iPod shuffle 'cause turns out he sings a lot :), made it to the convenience store, got an 18pack of pbr, and then walked to Hippie Day Care.
Hanging out at the Anderson's was awesome! Bunch of dirty hiker trash just hanging out. Resembled our times at Lake Mead! Grant even told his "how do you sell a deaf guy a chicken" joke. Hawaiian shirts for everybody, really really fun. They had a whole manzanita forest in their property for camping. Their famous taco salad was served with a smack on the butt with a stick if you broke the rules. I helped pick up, followed her in, and started doing dishes. Turns out, it doesn't happen very often that the drunk hiker trash offers to do dishes!
By the time I came back outside, all my friends were gone, it was dark, and I didn't have my headlamp. I stumbled (from the darkness) to the backyard calling for grant. He just kept whistling at me. Luckily Cavalier saved me, standing up with his headlamp guiding me to my tent. I finished off my IPA that Mrs. Anderson had given me for doing dishes, and went to sleep.
This place is an icon, but tends to bring freeloaders. We met people, who I thought I liked, who had hitched their then stayed for 5 days! And then weren't helping with anything!! And let's just say the Good Karma jar was pretty much empty. She hosts upwards of 50 people a day (about 35 when we were there). This is likely the last year after 15 years of hospitality casa Del Luna will open their doors, probably because there are just too many people on trail now. But I feel very lucky to have met them and had a beautiful time so thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!

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