Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 20 - Mile 246.4 to 262.5 - 16 miles - Big Bear in range, trail magic

TI forgot to mention that previously we were getting worried about having enough food to make it to our goal of mile 275 Van Dusen. There were two other places to get out before that, but it was sad to think of not making out goal. We were just going soooo slow after that 20-mile downhill killed our feet. Anyhoo, we figured we would arrive at each out-point and reevaluate our food and our pain levels.

Ok, so up at 0455, leave at 0545. NOt great, not bad. Tried to get water at Cinega Ranch, but wandered around in circles trying to find the official spigot. Gave up and got water out of a hose by a horse corral. This is right next to the infamous "animal cages". A sad sight, Bears, and other exotic animals kept in weird, small, awful chainlink cages. Everybody hates seeing this, so I don't know why the owners of this "private zoo" haven't put up a fence to hide the view from the hikers. I'm not sure, but I think these are Hollywood animals? Would have to check on this.

Anyway, we heard rumors from a Southbound hiker of a trail angel making pancakes, so we were pretty depressed to have wasted so much time trying to get water. We made it to Onyx Summit where there was a sign saying pancakes 'til 10am. It was 9:58. I started running down the trail to the trail angel, and got there at 09:59. It was great. Legend gave us his last three pancakes, only a little burnt, peanut butter, syrup, instant coffee, chairs. He was a story teller, and told all kinds of tall tales. He spends time in Nicaragua, and we were just there four years ago. He tried to convince us we had met there. I was convinced he thought he knew us, but I knew I didn't know him. He of course was bullshitting us, obviously, but he's convinced he had me believing the story. We had all traveled to the same places though :)

While sitting with Legend I finally got my trail name! One of the guys asked me "what's your trail name?" I started compaining about how I freaking wished I had a trail name, that would be awesome if I could get a trail name, so he called me bee sting. I like it. Legend suggested softening it up a bit, but I like an edgy, kind of bad assed name, so Bee Sting it is. Something good came out of that little bastard trying to kill me, I guess. The trail giveth, and it taketh away, that's for sure.

Oh, Legend taught us a song that we all sang together. It goes something like this "I want to be a bum my whole life. I want to be a bum my whole life. I don't want children or a wife. I want to be a bum my whole life" Ah, the hiker lifestyle, almost like the pirate's life for me, only dirtier I think.

Just down the trail was the famous couch trail magic, so we got to have a soda and sit on the couch for a bit. All the trail magic was really slowing us down!!! I needed this crap when I was tearing my hair out down in the desert, but their were no roads there. I'll take it when I can get it though :)

At the next spring we decide to push for Van Dusen Road as originally planned afterall. We had enough food, so we got enough water to dry camp and make it the 16 or whatever miles to that out point. We camped up at this beautiful spot just off the trail overlooking the desert valley below, even finishing dinner before dark. Feet were ok, tolerable, and my mood was improving all the time. SLEEP damnit, sleep.

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