Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 42 - Push to Tehachapi

Mile 549.7 to 566.5 (hwy 58) - 16.8 miles

Up early on our windy ridge. Make coffee from our tent. The stakes had pulled up from our respective rainfly vestibules and was flapping. Instead of getting up to search for the stakes and reset it, we just tucked the flaps under our tent below our sleeping pads, and held tight that way. Luckily at dawn it was not that hard to find our stakes. Success. Wehadnt feared rain that night, but we thought we would try to keep sand and dust from pushing through our mesh all night with it. We have the big Agnes copper spur II, so though it is a double walled tent (tent with separate rain fly) the tent body is nearly all mesh with only a solid bathtub floor which saves considerable weight. 
Any who, another day of hiking through wind farms. I started to go a little crazy, always feeling like we were hiking in circles. We made it to the willow springs road, which is theoretically an easier hitch into town, but we opted to continue on another 8 miles to hwy 58. Almost nobody does this I guess, but it means a much longer water haul the ext day if you don't so I don't understand why everybody bails. That next section was a bit soul sucking. It was much hotter, drab, and towards the end there were ridiculously long and shallow switchbacks down the hill. It was freaking stupid and I see now why people cut PCT switchbacks, sometimes they are absurd. I actually hated the trail at that point. Anyways, after that it was about a mile to the freeway overpass, in the middle of nowhere. As we got closer to where all the hikers were sitting, god knows why, grant spotted a car heading towards the onramp and yelled for me to stick my thumb out. I never saw the car before it had pulled over to give us a ride! Im sure that group of hikers are still talking about it. Part luck I guess (or good karma?) And part because we are only two people with a lady, or "ride bride" as we are sometimes called. grant and I really are a couple though.  Made it to the hotel, got our new shoes, and had a nice soak in the hot tub. Not a bad day really :)

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