Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's cold, but we're still here!!!

                       Approach to Kodiak, AK

Well, this isn't a real blog post, but I wanted to check in with everybody.  I'm enjoying an adult beverage in Anchorage, where it is a balmy 34 degrees.  It was so warm I had to take a layer off while running around on deck.  Today I realized I have been on this Alaska run too long because I now consider anything in the low 30's to be warm.  We had about 6 hours daylight today, though as we are past solstice, the days are getting longer.  Traveling North from Seattle, the days are always getting shorter this time of year, so I don't notice this supposed phenomenon.  I don't know how the Alaskans do it.  The bitter cold, the darkness, the isolation.  They all seem pretty cheerful and like good people, so who's to say?  Then again, I'm in a brewery, so that might explain things!

November was a dreadful month, but as soon as fall turned into winter, the weather started cooperating with us...Though some other ships and docks didn't fare as well.  

Stay tuned.  Next week I'll fill you in on all my sea stories with plenty of gnarly pictures to boot.  Thanks for keeping up with the blog!

                    Anchorage, AK (that's ice in the water)

p.s.  As per usual, Grant shipped out right before I was due to come home.  Luckily it was only a month relief, so we'll catch up with each other in a few weeks.  Besides my sea stories, we have a lot going on in the next few months:  My best friend is due with her (and all of our) first baby, Grant has some skiing in Jackson Hole to do, and we are planning a trip to Mexico with Grant's and my favorite sister and brother-in-law, with a bit of Missouri thrown in for good measure. Life is wonderful!  (like I said, I'm in a brewery :)