Monday, January 7, 2013

Random 2011 Adventures

In an effort to try and get back on the blog horse, we've been mining our travels for the missing posts.  If you've been following Robin's Year Thirty adventure,


then you know a lot of what our 2011 looked like.  Nevertheless, our lack of posts stems from being so far behind.  While not the most current of our activities, it's nice to have a little recap so...

Here's some other stuff we did in 2011!
On the Road Trip to CO - Hell's Canyon View from OR

Camping City of Rocks, ID

City of Rocks, ID

City of Rocks Campsite

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Long's Peak from Gil & Susan's porch! (CO)

We got the Tent Condo for RockyGrass

the river makes RockyGrass so much more awesome!

Grant skiing Palisades
Signal Mountain boat ramp means summer to me

Robin above Amphitheater Lake GTNP

Above Amphitheater Lake GTNP

At Holly Lake, GTNP

Hiking Paintbrush Canyon GTNP

Grant's continuing truck swap extravaganza

Hilarious, yet surprisingly challenging
Lower Falls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River

Forest Fire, Yellowstone Lake

Why do they call it Yellowstone National Park? Oh wait....

The Middle Teton preview
By the way, did we mention how much we enjoy our Annual Interagency National Parks Pass?  You get much more than just a National Park pass including access to many other fee areas - a small price to pay for our wonderful national outdoor treasures.
Check out it's many uses:

Enchanted Valley, Olympic National Park

We did a 26 mile (roundtrip)  backpacking trip into the Enchanted Valley of the Olympic National Park in July 2011.  We bit off a almost as much as we could chew, especially considering Grant left half of the food in the car - we made it out fine, but we had to hike the entire 13 miles back out in one day!
Lovely scenery and a great trip!

Getting Water at 1st night camp

Of Course we carried beer with us?

Nice forest walk

Steady now

Looking North from the Enchanted Valley

Enchanted Campsite

Sore feet need beery rewards!