Sunday, April 19, 2015

PCT - day 6 nero in Julian

Day 6, mile 71 to 76.5 about 5.5 miles.

Up at 0530, on the trail at 0609. skipped coffee and breakfast in the interest of time and because Grant thought we were too low on water snow down the trail we decided to take a break take care of some morning business and eat some food Robin thought we had enough water so she made coffee for Grant and herself. Hello Grant made basically a shot of espresso Robin made herself or usual iced latte sans ice with Nido and a packet of instant coffee.

Should mention how the food is working for us. Basically, because of the heat sickness and who knows what food tastes like sand and it's hard to choke down for Robin. the only thing that's good to eat is the evening meal which is a hot soup or rice and beans of some sort. Even town food tastes bad to Robin at this point. Breakfast is Nido coffee and some sort of cookie or bar then their snacks throughout the day so not often enough and sometimes cheese and crackers at lunch. definitely not getting enough calories but hiker hunger has not kicked in either. Things should change by next week when we will likely become ravenous wolves.

Okay so we hiked five and a half miles to highway s2 and jumped off trail a little too early. there was a sign for a taxi service but when we called they weren't there. so we decided to step out onto the highway and hitchhike. the first car that drove by picked us up, but as we drove on we saw thay we should have walked another half mile or to the real scissors crossing. It will be a pain in the neck starting our hike again as we need to be dropped off at a weird point along the trail instead of the jumction.

Another guy got a ride with us, a friend we've made along the trail. he got water and a meal and headed back out right away whereas we got a hotel room. easier said than done as it's the weekend. little more money than we wanted to spend but we don't want to push our luck. Julian's a cute town but I think one day is enough for us.

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  1. what are your trail names? dragonthroat and blisterhands?

  2. no trail names yet, but I like those suggestions!!!


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