Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 11- mile 131.5 to 148.2, 16.7 miles

Up at 0530 as per usual, walking at 0615. No brekky or coffee, just up and go ( still takes 45 minutes! Sheesh!) Walk about an hour then see our friends Shane, aka Dundee like crocodile Dundee, and section hiker Nara. They are still camped up, so we have coffee and breakfast with them. All day there is thunder and dark clouds, rain on the next mountain over, bit it taunts us. Fear and anticipation of a cloud breaks turns into annoyance at the realization that we will be stuck in the sunhole all day long. Good old blister hands was definitely over it whereas I was stoked about working on my leg tan (but even I thought the petsistent sun was ridiculous) .... still apprehensive of the storm moving over to us, we pass up campsite after campsite in the hopes of being closer to paradise cafe and staying out of the sandy washes that become flood zones I heavy desert downpours. The close but distant storms settle, and we hit the wall after hiking up and down a steep ravine, we give up at the next flat sandy wash we find (and were trying to avoid, cause we are smart right?) No. We will stop, and if it starts pouring, it is a short scramble up. Let me eat and sleep for gods sakes! Eat, sleep. Gentle rain at 2 am, but robin's panic does not override the need for  body's rest and we turn over, drifting off to our nightmares... Spoiler alert. We are alive and well.


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