Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Day 7 - Julian nero 2 - Mile 76.3 to 82.4

Woke up late, like 0630 in Julian. Remember, I had insomnia and wrote all previous posts at like 2 am! So anyways, dinked around in hotel room until the last second to check out, 11 am, then hit the town. Had a wonderful lunch at Soups and Such. One of the waitresses was so nice and offered to give us a ride when her shift was done. We took her up on it as she was leaving about the time we wanted to leave anyway. Her truck was unlocked and she had us put out bags in there in the meantime. Of course, the waitress ended up being the owner of the cafe :) Lani was sooooo awesome to us, and her food was truly amazing. We aren't just saying that because she was nice to us, it is a seriously fantastic cafe, and everybody who goes to Julian should go visit Lani at the Soups and Such cafe. Julian was an icredible town, incredibly hiker friendly, a worthy stopover.

So, we were dropped off where we left off the morning before at about 3pm. We then dinked around again until a little past 4 because it was freaking HOT! and there was a long slog up a hot hill ahead of us. We finally started down the trail, and hit the hot hillside at about 5pm. Not too bad. Made it 6 miles before camping up. Camped right by the trail, again, but had a great view. Pie for dinner and leftover veggie burger....MMmmmmm....pie. G'night.

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