Sunday, April 19, 2015

PCT Day 4

Pct day 4 - mile 42 to 55 (about 13 miles)  - originally we were.going to take a nero in mt Laguna, but without a restaurant (which actually was open that morning) we decided to resupply at the little store and move on. Unfortunately we got a really late start, and so hiked in the hot sunnyiest part of the day.

I forgot to mention that grant has been battling a bad cough/ cold since February and I got really sick too. Grant began taking another round of antibiotics that make him extra sensitive to the sun, aka potential blistering, and I am battling a sore throat which makes it rather difficult to judge actual thirst/dehydration. We are in full Long sleeves with gloves, hat with neck coverings, etc trying not to burn. Yikes! This day Grant's hands really started to hurt from the sun/antibiotics and were really swollen and red. It hurt him to do stuff like..anything.

Anyway, yes, we struggle on.

Made it to mile 55, and found our own site in a sandy wash, a mile.before where everybody else was going to camp. It is possible to have solitude if you find your own sites off the half mile and guthook apps guide. 8pm, as per usual.

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