Thursday, April 9, 2015

Check Out Rocket Llama - Done with Bootcamp

Just found Rocket Llama's illustrated account of her 2013 PCT hike. She isn't finished with it, but so far it's probably one of my favorite PCT journals/projects, so check it out if you have time to kill.

Only a few days to go. I finished my last bootcamp workout this morning. I ended up doing 9 weeks strait of workouts, 4 days per week, and only missed one workout. These workouts are so much fun, and there are so many awesome ladies in the class, it makes it worth waking up at 5:25 am every day on my "vacation." I feel strong and happy. (And scared, and tired, and I'm crying all the time.)  Big shout out to my SWL bootcamp friends!

I don't think it will feel real until my trail runners hit the dirt, and I'm an hour down the trail. Whenever I ship out, it doesn't hit me until the pilot is down the ladder, the Captain has gone to bed, and I'm standing my first night watch, coffee in hand. I usually take a deep breath, and admit to myself I'm going to be there a few months, so get used to it (I never get used to it). I am hoping when my brain wraps itself around the reality that hiking all day every day is my life for five to six months, it will feel exhilarating instead of the depressed resignation when shipping out. Obviously it will feel better! And I'll have way better legs.

Ok, I have to clean my house now.

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