Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 51 to 53 - Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows

After a nice day off away from Hiker Trash, we hit the trail again.  Busride to Lake Isabella, then bus to Onyx, then hitch to trail head. Water situation not too bad.  Got to Kennedy Meadows at about 1pm June 4th, where Mama Goose and Cavalier were still there!!!  Clapping, cheering, beers all around.  What a great place :)  We got them wasted before they had to hike.  Hahaha, fair is fair.  Grumpy Bears for dinner and a good time.  Not much time to blog, so this is what you get :)  May update later, so check back.  Below our mileage:

Day 51 - Mile 65.3 to 664.4 = 13.1 miles camp just past Joshua Spring (plus half mile for water, but whatever)
Day 52 - Mile 664.4 to 687.4 = 23 miles  Hike hike hike!!!, two big hills to climb, people at summit, so move on and camp in the rocks near a mine
Day 53 - Mile 687.4 - 702.2 plus .8 miles up road to Kennedy Meadows = 15.6 miles  700 mile mark and official end to the Desert!!!

Ok all, pictures on instagram

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