Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 48 - walker pass, lake isabella, phil, andhiker trash party

Mile 643.1 to 651.3 = 8.2 miles Nero

Made it to walker pass campground at 9am. Read the trail register and saw mama goose had made it!!! And there was Pabst! Drank a Pabst with the three amigos, then a lady pulled up dropping a hiker off. Three amigos said she was going to lake Isabella so we asked her for a ride. Three amigos said they would tell cavalier. Unbelievable luck
Wandered around town, ate lunch, did laundry with cavalier, drank beer at the local dive bar, resupplied a little, then rolled into the hotel, ride with cav's friend. Party central. Crappy rooms, pool. Phil shows up, party til midnight, holy crap. Can't blame mama goose this time :)

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