Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 44 - tehachapi hwy 58 to golden oak spring

Our friends wrangled an early ride for us out of tehachapi, so we met mama goose and cavalier at the teepees (the scene of the crime) at 6:20 am with four gallons to cache for them at hwy 58 as they were starting 8 miles back at willow springs road. For us it was a 17 mile waterless stretch, so 25 miles for them. We were lucky though because the pcta had recently fixed the trough that had cracks in it, and do other work with the piping etc... so golden oaks spring had recently become a reliable source of water again. For months we had been told/ read that it would be 44 miles without water, but because we hiked the extra eight miles earlier, and because volunteers worked their butts off for hiker trash like us, it was a paltry 17 miles...
Though it was not easy. After enjoying seemingly weeks of unreal cool weather, we were hit head on with 90degree temps with it forecast into the 100's as the week progressed, thereby increasing our water consumption, wreaking havoc on our feet again(in combination with new shoes and fine dust) and worsening our outlook on life. On the flip side, though yogi's guide says it is hot hot hot section (yes) there was far more shade opportunities that we expected.
We caught up with a warrior we hadn't seen in awhile (rather he caught us).  And we told him he was actually  ahead of everybody, so he took a nap to wait for them.
We rolled in to golden oaks spring about 5:30pm where our friends were camping (yes, they overtook us despite starting 8miles behind us) and we ended up staying there too. Peer pressure! Our hangovers didn't protest.

Competing bullfrogs in the cow polluted spring fed trough, redneck camper garbage everywhere...sleep

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