Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 47 - desert hellscape

Mile 621.9 to 643.1 = 21.2 miles
Up at 0400, hiking at 0515. Hot day ahead. Make it to a water cache 9.5 miles later at 10am, recently stocked by an amazing person. We had lunch and decided to take the water and skip the 1.5 mile detour to the spring fed mud seep water source. Enough to dry camp and make it to walker pass!!!
Next was a 3.4 mile slog up a steep mountain hellscape, temps soaring close to 100, maybe more. We make it to the summit at about 1245,/then start hunting for shade to lie in under. Plenty to sit under, but took awhile to find a sleeping spot. After resting a few hours, all our friends start passing us having climbed the mountain in the beat of the day. Mama goose, who had camped 7 or 8 miles behind us said she was going all the way to walker pass, 18 more miles and a 34.4 mile day! I knew she would do it, crazy awesome lady! (She did!)
We had hopes of getting within eight miles of walker pass so we could hitch a ride with cavalier's friend, and we did.
OK desert, I'm going to sleep you away for a few hours.

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