Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 46 - camp past robin bird spring to some other dry camp

Mile 603.9 to 621.9 = 18 miles

Seeing as the forecast was more of the same only hotter, I set my alarm for 0438; in like weird times. We were up and attem all morning chores done by 0535. Not bad! 

I forgot to mention something...but hey, is their a doctor in the house? 'Cause my PCT has an AT infection. How can you tell if somebody as hiked the Appalachian Trail (AT)? Oh, they'll tell you.Mama goose excused, but Appalachian trail people, we had faint curiosity at the start of the trail and an ability to laugh off all your introductions "hi. I hiked the AT", but after 600 miles through the desert, now we just want smack your kneecaps with our hiking poles when you slip it into the first sentence. We have all payed our dues and its a different trail!!! We don't give a shit if you hiked he AT. Whew.

Back onto the PCT, where I'm hiking, we had a beautiful morning hiking in a nice forest with boulders for interest. Even the burn area was alive with fragrant purple flowers, such as I've never smelled. Our noses do not detect our own or others body odors anymore, bit are becoming highly sensitized to other smells.

We did finally come over a ridge and had a look at the brown desert hellscape ahead, realizing the nice walking was all scam. One more kick in the ass from the desert before Kennedy meadows. We grabbed what looked like the last shade tree before desert hell, and took a nap. There was rumor of trail magic ahead (don't ask me how news travels backwards without southbounders, it just does) so we got up at 2:30 and continued into the heat.
Sure enough, a half mile later was a guy and his parents handing out tuna sandwiches, craft beers, snacks, Gatorade, soda, cold water, everything, and they had made a little shade to crawl under with lawn chairs and everything. B It was their last hours of trail magic after a few days, and so they encouraged us to drink and eat everything plus hike out with the canned we did :) than you Matt!
We left at 4pm, hiked another six to 8 miles or so, camped in a sandy wash with our friend topper. Pretty sweet day. I love trail magic!

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