Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain rain, go away

Tuesday, March 10 Dunedin

One night in Dunedin. Rain. Walked to pretty tunnel beach just as we had two hours of clearing skies. Rain. Night in a hostel with a nice shower, but not so nice kitchen. I hate sleeping out of the van as you have to move everything! Today, rain, wind. Albatross viewing was a bust as there was a cruise ship tourist invasion. Too crappy to hike down to lovers leap and sandfly beach. So we are in the van, finishing our blog, will find an internet cafe, then tomorrow off to the Catlins, where we hope this two weeks of craptastic weather will turn into a few settled days of sunshine. Even the locals we spoke with were a bit put-off by the cold wet weather- they mentioned that it was more like May/June weather than early fall weather! So even though we're a little disappointed, so are the locals. Sorry to complain, but today it's hard to keep our spirits up. On the upside, laundry was cleaned, Robin's camera was fixed, Grant got a haircut, and we finally purchased the ever elusive hard-sided chilly-bin. D'oh! I forgot we have to go get ice!! Cheers.


  1. Well, even though you are having crappy weather, I am still jealous. Your camper van sounds awesome! I wish I had that!
    Remember... a rainy day drinking beer on vacation is still better than sitting at a desk at my day job. So, Relax, drink a beer and then another one for me and enjoy...

  2. I love you "Alli Cat", that's exactly what we're doing :-) Looks like the weather will clear, despite the snow, hail, rain, so we're off to the wilderness for some camping and kayaking. We'll probably be out of crappy internet range for awhile.

  3. I agree. Rain can be a disappointment, but you are still ON VACATION, right? I am glad that you figured out some alternative ways to have fun. I do hope that the weather gets better, though. Have fun camping and kayaking (wow, I am such a couch potato that I have never again used the words "fun", "camping" and "kayaking" in the same sentence before, LOL!) :)


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