Thursday, March 26, 2009

A pause just for fun

Just in case you all thought we weren't enjoying ourselves, here are some of our pictures to prove otherwise!

Enjoying the Christchurch Rain

Though Robin Likes to Consult the trail maps, Grant prefers to use the force and think like an Elk

Thirsty at Rain Camp

Robin Enjoys the Tasman Glacier

Robin thinks like a local and tries out the Marmite, "Suitable for Vegetarians"

Searching for the local wildlife in Oamaru, we found some of our own

Ulva Island Rope Swing

Successful Te Anau Fishing, "Suitable for Vegetarians"

A bit lost on the trail, Grant does the only thing he knows how

Robin is not impressed.

Robin tries out for the crew team


You can't beat a beautiful day for beers on Doubtful Sound!


  1. who are the cutest americans in all of new zealand? i think i know!

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  3. That looks SO FUN!!! The scenery is amazing!

    Sunshine prefers to use the force as well. It's impressive only sometimes.

    We saw Anne & Ashley & Olivia & Ben this weekend for few hours. Phew!!!! Holy cow does that look like a lot of work!

    Enjoy the views and drink another beer for me....

  4. Hey Robin, What did you think of Marmite? I love it and the kids love it, but we were raised on it (being british). Gotta use it sparingly though. It's wonderful on a cheese sandwich with butter. Yum!

    Sharon and Pierce

  5. Hi Sharon, I just scrolled down and saw this finally. I didn't think it was TOO bad, but I hear it's just like what you say, spread it thin with some cheese and tomato, and it's like heaven to these kiwis :) I'll give it another go before I come home.


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