Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good engine, great times

Good News for us! Everything checks out with the van.

              Cocktail hour at Methven Campground

As our mechanic said "she's a good little runner". The engine has a timing chain versus a timing belt, so no worries. He also said it looks like somebody has been maintaining it over the years, so that's good news. Our other worry was that she had been overheated as the last owner put a new radiator in, and during and after driving down the mountain passes, it smelled gassey and had a bit of smoke. He reassured us it's just as Grant thought, "it's a carburated engine, what do you expect?" So, we are pretty stoked that the mechanic likes our wheels. We also got a glowing report from the local museum clerk that the local mechanic loves his job , loves to work on cars and helps out the locals so we're glad we talked to him! We got some fresh new oil and filter, a new set of wiper blades and some confidence so now we're really doing it!  While waiting for our oil change, we went for a walk  in the pastures and hills (steep).  As Robin said, "Are we going the right way?  Where the hell are we?"

We are now in the mountains, where it is much hotter. The town we are in, Methven, is a winter skiing hotspot, so is very sleepy this summer season. Tomorrow we're looking forward to a little jaunt to the river beach and will do some hiking. Then we might drive to Lake Tekapo, then it's on to Mount Cook. Our plans don't go much beyond that, except to meander South. Hope all is well wherever you are.

  Pretty river gorge near Methven

  Summit Drive above Akaroa


  1. I'm glad everything is going well. The gorge picture is amazing!

  2. your fans miss you! update!


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