Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Washington - onwards to Steven's Pass

If you do not like profanity, then please do not read my blog.  Thanks!!!

September 19th - Mile  2404.8 to 2426.1, 21.2 miles 

Continuing North towards our next stop in Stevens Pass, the weather returned to rain.  First mist, then rain, rain, rain. It was thickly forested. I was mistaken all those years thinking that if I just made it past the day-hiking turnaround point, I would get to stay in Mountain Shangri-la just like when hiking in the Rockies, or High Sierra. Washington always takes you straight back down to the f'ing forests...

From here, we really started setting up the tent early, 6:30. This night was because we wanted a break from camping with people, so stopped at Spade Creek, but the writing was on the wall, and had been for awhile...We were no longer going to hike late into the night.  6-6:30 pm was to become our norm, and we stopped fighting it.

September 20th - Mile 2426.1 to 2447.3, 21.2 miles 

Exact words from my journal - "Rains all fucking day, holy shit. Grant hilariously tries to dry rain fly at top of a pass.  God he's funny! Grant doesn't cry too much, but does fucking suck today.  Feel bad for ultralight hiker ____, she only has a gargage bag for rain gear.  Holy shit, ok goodnight"

There were all these day hikers, coming in from who knows where, and I could help but feel sorry for them.  Work all week, then have to hike in this crap, then paste a smile on their faces as if it's great.  We don't think it's fun hiking in the rain.  It sucks.

September 21 - Mile 2447.3 to 2461.6, 14.3 miles, Stevens Pass

Way back while we were in Snoqualmie Pass, I told my dad we would arrive at Stevens Pass at 2pm.  Well, we were only 15 minutes late.  Pushed through wet, steep terrain, but the rain had eased (still, everything wet, cold, steep)  We were 15 minutes late. Not bad!  Dad pulled through for us with burritos, and we convinced him to stay the night with us in Leavenworth. The hotel we settled on was really crappy, grant and I could not get our shit together, and in the end we were too exhausted to go out for dinner, so grocery store food it was....We are not doing this right. No days off, we were to hike in the morning


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