Monday, March 9, 2015


Everybody's favorite dried milk.
It's WHOLE MILK!!!  Lots of calories.  
Plus, it's "Fortificado" so lots of extras like iron and vitamin C.
The best part you ask? Well, the calories, but also IT TASTES GOOD EVEN OFF TRAIL

Soooo....I found these huge cans of NIDO at Fred Meyer in the Mexican food isle, or whatever they call it (note: most of the time it is in the latin foods/mexican isle of your major grocery stores, or go to a mexican market for it. Also used in Asia, so maybe in those stores)
So, I am portioning it out into 1 cup baggies, then 4 bags per quart sized food-saver bag, and sealing it.  This makes 16 cups of milk per food-saver bag and will be a huge part of my resupply boxes.

The other great thing I discovered is that "crappy" basic instant coffee tastes great in a cuppa nido.  this will be waaaayyy better than craptastic Instant Breakfast as no sugar, and tastes better.  I usually drink my coffee black, but I am over it with trying to be a coffee snob on the trail. I don't want to carry grounds, or be obsessive about my expensive VIA, so folgers coffee, found in most gas stations, mixed in NIDO will probably be my breakfast while doing the PCT.

Ok, I'm off to bootcamp! Enjoy your Nido Fortificado :)


  1. CAfe Bustelo's instant coffee is worth the minor price difference!

  2. Hey You! Thanks for the advice. I'll check it out :)


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