Friday, March 20, 2015

My First Resupply Box!!

Hello Reader!

We are well on our way to making our resupply boxes...Sort of. To me it's pretty freaking frustrating, trying to calculate calories, pack it, decide what I might be in the mood for, figuring out how hungry I'll be.  That's why a lot of people suggest that Newbies like us don't make very many resupply boxes, and just buy as we go. We are going to do a lot of that too, but there are several places where it is really best to send a box.

Anyway, my first box is done, and I am sharing the contents with you below. I still need to figure out what maps to put in it, and all that stuff.  (P.S. We are NOT experts, nor do we have ANY experience with this crap. I always pack too much food when backpacking, but I also haven't hiked for months on end. Sharing this with you is NOT intended to be taken as advice!)
P.S. Many of my dinners except the Knorr Rice are homemade and home dehydrated! Plus the applesauce!  ok, that was Costco applesauce, but it's organic, and I dehydrated it. Yay me.

This is my living room!!!  Holy Shit Batman!

BOX 1                      Robin                       Warner Springs

Nido                         makes 16 cups                             2500
3-bean Veg. Chili     2 cups dry = 4-5 cups wet           1200
1 knorr Taco Rice    2 servings                                      550
Split Pea Soup         2 cups dry = 4-6 cups wet             880
Fried Brown Rice    2 cups dry = 5 cups wet                 920
4 peanut butters                                                              500
2 annies instant mac and cheese                                    480
2 cups trail mix Coastal Berry                                     1280
8 oz Mixed Nuts                                                          1360
2 bars, sweet and salty nut                                            340
2 bars, dark chocolate cherry                                        320
1 cup apricots                                                                400
2 Belvita blueberry cookie packets                               460
1 packet pumpkin seeds                                                380
2 cheddar/cheddar crackers                                          380
2 peanut butter crackers                                                380
1 idahoan instant potatoes                                             440
1 coconut milk packet                                                   360
1 Knorr mushroom soup                                               220
2 oz angel hair pasta                                                     200
2 packets cream of wheat                                             300
2 breakfast on the go, coffee bean flavor                     400
6 servings special K                                                     720
2 hot chocolate                                                             180
coffee                                                                                0
2 applesauce squares (makes about a cup)                    190
Iced tea with lemonade (diluted with more iced tea) approx 200
hummus - 6 servings of 2 TBSPN                                 270
1 box wheat thins                                                         1120
                                                           Total Calories 16930

So, this is about right. It is a 5-day resupply, and works out to about 3,300 calories/day. The total weight is 9.4 pounds, making it about 1.9 pounds/day. Many resources say this is what you should aim for. If I add cheese, olive oil, and tortillas, it will bump the calories up even more.

The main problem is that by the time we get to Warner Springs, we will only have been hiking for 9-10 days. It's hard to say what our metabolisms will be doing, i.e. if Hiker Hunger will have set in or not. When hiking short-term, you don't really need a lot more calories than you are used to eating, especially since many of us, ehem, have something to lose anyway. In my case, once you subtract calories from beer, my food-calories are about 1500-1800/day in my normal life. So even at the low end, this resupply box is providing twice what I am used to eating in a day. If my metabolism has not ramped up yet, I may either be choking down these calories, or carrying unnecessary weight.

It is mind boggling at this point, but should become a piece of cake as we go...I hope.

Either way, we don't have much time left, so back to the salt mines.

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