Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lycian Way Day 14, Almost Zero Day, Kas - March 22, 2013

Day Hike Kas, Photos

It was pouring rain this morning, so we decided against hiking.  Another almost zero day. We had to find a new pansiyon, because our place was waaaayyy too high class with annoying Lonely Planet people everywhere.  Through the pouring rain, we decided on Kaptan Pansiyon.  It was awesome!!!  And not in the guidebooks.
Pirate Robin, Kaptan Pansiyon, Kas

Kas, sleeping dog, Ataturk

Kas, dubious constitution
Besides the rain, etc..., we still just didn't quite feel right.  The rain stopped and the sun came out.  Bamboozled again! We did a short section of the Lycian Way, maybe a few miles, then caught a bus back to town. It was sunny, but was extrememly windy, so probably not a bad idea to stay local one more day.
Day Hike along Lycian Way, Kas to Liman Agzi

Kaptan Pansiyon Roof Terrace sunset, Greek Meis in the distance
I love Kaptan Pansiyon!!! Mmmmm....Effes....G'night.

Day Hike Route

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