Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lycian Way Day 5 - Bel to Gavuragili to Pydnai - March 13, 2013

After uncomfortably and somewhat hiliariously figuring out how much we owed to our non-English speaking hosts (their daughter had to go to school, and they nicely didn't want to involve her in the monetary aspect of the exchange), we were off again! Straight up, straight down, around, lost, etc...As per usual

Bel Pansiyon

Leaving Bel

Robin on ridiculously steep "trail" heading down towards Gavuraglili and Pydnai
Heading back down towards the ocean was a scramble down a steep rocky slope, with "trail"  markers seemingly at random, but maybe trying to emulate switchbacks?

Grant, Olive Grove
At one point we headed back into a forested area, first following a crappy, ugly forest service type road, then stupidly stumbling through forested steep hillsides for no rhyme or reason. We did not get increased views, there was no other added scenic value, it did not get us anywhere faster, there were no cultural experiences, and our friendly goat companions weren't even there.  Later we rejoined the forest road, then followed it down. There was no reason for where Kate Clow sent us, and Grant lost it, swearing up a storm. We felt totally bamboozled, nice walking meeting many wonderful people straight to pure shit. We were tired, and it was really really really stupid walking.  Stupid, I tell you! In the guidebook, Kate has different grades for the trail types, Grade 1 being an indistinct goat path, and Grade 5 being a 6-lane freeway.  This day we developed our own term "Grade 0" meaning not even a goat wants to walk on it.... At any rate, we finally broke through and had the following view of the old Byzantine Fortress of Pydnai...This is at the far West end of Patara Beach, but is not "Patara" proper.
Overlooking Pydnai Fortress
At the bottom of the hill we skipped the site and bee-lined it to this new, or at least, new enough not to be in the guidebook, camping park, "Patara Green Park".  It was awesome!!!! Patara Green Park was our salvation.  Cold Beer, food, friendly faces, wifi, and a free place to camp (since we bought so much beer and food :)  They even had a cute little brand new kitten they brought in for me to play with.  They read my mind! They had a nice dog, and later in the evening the locals were partying it up, regalling us with diving and fishing stories. We were the only tourists there (as usual). Seriously, one of the highlights of our trip was crashing here!
Day 4 Camping; Cold Beer, Free campsite, Good food and a kitten!

Robin and Tent platform, Patara Green Park

Ok, like I said, awesome times.  We went to bed before any of the locals, and as we walked out, there were old men drinking raki, a fire raging in the wood stove, and we were drunk enough to forget the shitty walking we went through to reach this wonderful beachside place.


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