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Lycian Way Day 3 - Faralya - Kabak Beach - Alinca March 11, 2013

Day 3- Took about three hours packing up our campsite.  Walked about a half hour into Faralya and had breakfast at a little pansiyon.  Grant had an epiphany about honey. "Wow, this tastes good!!!"  Yum, the local honey and yogurt is awesome :) Hike, hike, hike...

Between Faralya and Kabak

Grant at a spring, between Faralya and Kabak

Nice area looking back to Oludeniz
We made it to this overlook of Kabak Beach. Originally we had planned on taking the valley bypass instead of the steep drop-off to the beach, but with the blue Mediterranean water calling our names, we convinced ourselves to take the plunge.  It was steep, not really a trail, but more a torn-up dirt tractor track.  The water was cold, and all the yoga yippie camping resorts were closed.  We had the beach to ourselves, but there was trash, and no beer or food.
Looking down on Kabak Beach
Hiking back out was as steep as down, plus we had to climb up and over the mountain.  Along the way, Robin found she had no water, as she hadn't closed her bite valve and all her water leaked out while her pack was on the ground. Amazing how light your pack is with no water!  So we hiked with a liter of water for two people in the hot sun straight uphill for hours.  We survived :)
On the Trail up from Kabak Beach to Alinca

Up to Alinca; 'I guess we really are going to the very top!'

Karakartal (Black Eagle) Spring, Kabak to Alinca
We finally found some water, and a nice campspot, but decided to push on all the way to Alinca (pronounced something more like Alin-ja.  C's are like j's)
Robin in Alinca

Alinca Sunset
We got a great "treehouse" spot at a Pansiyon for about 90 turkish Lira, if I remember correctly, which included a great dinner, shower, our own bathroom and room, and breakfast, of course.

Check out the Map of our Route today: Note, you can change the map options to see the terrain and topo views. Check out the elevations changes and grade we hike every day. 

This day we got a hint of our future constant frustration of the quality of trail, and constant struggles ahead. At least at this point it was still magical, and not hard to follow the stupid little red and white markers! 

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