Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Summer Adventures 2013

Summer 2013 - I think we did some hiking, big surprise :)  

In Jackson Hole, I've sort of run out of hikes in my original Falcon guidebooks, i.e. "Hiking Grand Teton National Park", best easy dayhikes, etc... so I got out of "the Hole" and started doing some hiking over the Pass, and through the canyon using Rebecca Woods and Susan Marsh's denser book "Targhee Trails".  I also have Rebecca's "Jackson Hole Hikes".  She has so many more hikes in these books than the Falcon Guides, but they are not as nicely organized with cross-referenced tables summarizing the details of the hikes.  No matter, because I now know the area better than before, have stronger legs, am nearly fearless, and am excited about new views with fewer people.
I don't think this is in Wyoming....Washington somewhere, but I can't remember the hike!

North Fork Darby Canyon Overlook Hike. Approx. 8.6 miles RT, 2720' elevation gain
"An Unofficial but clear trail up North Fork Darby Canyon leads to a saddle between The Wedge - a distinctive 10,360 foot peak that soars above Teton Canyon shelf to the east - and 10681-ft  Mount Meek." Opening line from Targhee Trails guidebook...Now then, buy the book and go hiking.
(I think all the pics below are from this one hike, but...Grant picked them out and he's at sea.  No matter, go hiking near the Tetons, and you will not be disappointed)

Jackson Lake - A beautiful place to drink beer and go waterskiing, or in my case, drink beer.

Tetons from the bow of the boat.


MOOOSE!!!  I love moose.  They are so cute.

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